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Hi! I'm Stefi and welcome to my new blog. I am a mother to four beautiful children. I have accomplished a lot of amazing things in my life but nothing compares to being a Mom. I have an amazing partner named Bret that I get the privilege of raising my children with. We take a very natural, holistic, grassroots approach to raising our family. My hope is to share a piece of our journey with you once or twice a week to show you how we handle the ups and downs of this crazy ride!

Maternity Photos

I have a blended family. My two younger children and my two older children have different biological fathers. This presents it's own unique challenge but for the most part, we love the circumstance that God has placed us in. My older children have such a strong support system and get the joy of having two additional parents who love them like their own. My divorce happened five years ago so if you're still in a sticky situation, please know, it will get better. With time and effort from BOTH sides, co-parenting can be an amazing thing.

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David and Delilah. My "bigs" as I like to call them.

David is eight years old and the sweetest goofiest little boy you will ever meet. He always has a smile for everyone he sees. David loves building and will amaze you with the things he can make out of clay, playdoh, blocks or legos. David has autism and was diagnosed when he was three years old. In school, he is a little behind, currently at a kindergarten/first grade level, and he is enrolled in the third grade. I have to tell you, I hate the way he is judged on the same scale as his neurotypical peers because he is much more than a number or percentage. His light shines so bright and I can't wait to see the amazing things he accomplishes in life.

Delilah is six years old, soon to be seven, and is the only girl in our pack of crazy kids. She is so kind and smart, sometimes it stops me dead in my tracks. She loves dress up, dolls, tea time and anything girly. She starts first grade this year and is very ahead for her age. I've been working on reading with her since the pandemic started, and she can now read easy level books independently. Delilah was a preemie and spent a few weeks in the NICU, but you couldn't tell it if you met her! She stands almost as tall as her older brother and wears the same size clothes. She is a little bossy butt and I'm positive that she will run her own company one day.

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Duncan and Drew. Or my "littles" as I like to call them.

Duncan is three years old and is the smartest little toddler I've ever met! He amazes you with his thoughtfulness and just pours out love for everyone in his life. He loves jungle animals and stuffies and can be found playing quietly alone for hours when his older siblings are gone. He should be starting preschool this year, but we chose the e-learning/home school route for him. He is ahead, he already knows his colors, shapes, can count to 10 and around half of his alphabet, so we feel the choice will not negatively impact him for kindergarten. He is the member of our family that is considered "vunerable" right now during the current health crisis. Duncan was born with a kidney disease and has a polysystic cross fused kidney. Basically, he has one functioning kidney and one kidney that is covered in cysts, located on the wrong side of his body and is fused (connected) to his good kidney. His medical condition presents its own set of challenges, especially lately. But we are very grateful that up until now, his condition has not negatively impacted his health.

Drew is my one year old and is the most adorable little thing you ever did see. I've been told a few times that he looks like my twin, so I'll just take that as a huge compliment. He is full of smiles and laughs but can be a handful at times. He loves to be held, eats like he's starved, sometimes refuses to sleep and doesn't like to be alone. Typical baby stuff, but if you don't have any children, he would be a good "trial" for you to see if you can adapt! Drew loves to play patty cake and his favorite song is itsy bitsy spider. He loves to go on wagon rides and bike rides. He is a water baby who loves to swim and take baths. He has been walking since around 10 months old and now all he does is run everywhere! He is still breastfeeding too, and we're so excited that we made it to our one year goal! He is the sweetest little guy ever and his smile lights up the room!

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We are so grateful that you have joined us!

I am really excited to dive into this blog and share our journey with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read along. Please message us below to subscribe to our mailing list so you don't miss out on new content that we post. You can also follow our Instagram account!

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