Hi! My name is Stephanie Jade. And I hope to be your photographer.

I'm a mom of four and if you haven't realized it already, tiny moments are slipping away. Whether your child has been born recently, is six months old, seven years old or graduating high school, those moments are important and I'm here to help you capture them.

I have been doing photography since I was very young. I started using film cameras in elementary school. I got my first DSLR film camera when I was 13. I did photography for newspaper/yearbook as a student at Auburn High School. I have been taking portraits with pro gear since 2007.

I started focusing on child photography in 2011. And branched into baby's first year in 2017.

In the last decade, I have gained experience by taking photography classes, attending workshops and retreats, hanging displays in art shows and galleries, teaching students, directing shows for Rockford Art Scene, working on Nancy Merkling's 4th Friday's team, helping with shows at 317 Art Collective, volunteering for local organizations, publishing work in art magazines, working for other local photographers and working with tons of different clients to capture their memories.

Thank-you for showing an interest in my art! If you are interested in more information or to book a photo session, please contact me directly by using the message button below.

Studio located @ 1919 13th Street, Rockford Illinois